In order to give you a quick overview about our area we have provided you with some statistical information provided by the Australia Bureau of Statistics from the 2001 census. The information is based on the Bankstown Statistical Local Area and comparisons are between the 1996 and 2001 Census’.

  • The current population is 165604 people (81799 males and 83805 females). This is an increase of 5% since 1996.
  • The average age in the area is 35 years.
  • 58.7% of the people were born in Australia, 6.5% were born in Lebanon, 5.9% in Vietnam and 2.3% in China.
  • The 3 Most common ancestries were Australian 22.8%, English 18.1% and Lebanese 13.7%.
  • 34.8% of people have a personal computer at home and 29.8% use the internet at home.
  • 54.4% of people are married
  • 1.6% of people hold postgraduate degrees and 6.9% hold diploma degrees.
  • 92.1% of the labor force are employed and the average weekly income is $300-$399.
  • 63.7% of people drive their car to work, 10.3% catch the train and 1.3% catches the bus
  • There are 42087 Free Standing Houses, 5925 Semis & 6365 Flats and Units
  • In 1996 there were 42565 Free Standing Houses, 3805 Semis & 4410 Flats and Units
  • 66.7% of homes are fully owned or being purchased compared with 68.8% in 1996
  • 26.4% of homes are being rented compared with 25.4% in 1996

For more statistical information go to the ABS Site

For more general information about Campsie and the surrounding areas please visit the Canterbury City Council Web Site.

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